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Blue Lagoon & Maslinica

If you imagined the brilliant turquoise crystal clean water (ideal for swimming, snorkeling and fun in the sun), colorful underwater world, beautiful nature… we suggest you to go with us on a half day trip to the Blue Lagoon. By the way, we will visit the islands of Drvenik, Maslinica Bay on the island of Solta and explore the beautiful historic city of Trogir.

As usual, the trip starts from Split (Matejuska). We sail to the islands of Drvenik and Krknjaši. Blue Lagoon is located exactly between the two islands.

The Blue Lagoon is a snorkeler's utopia featuring a a crystal clear sea with a sea floor made out of crushed sea shells mixed with sand which, under the sunlight, produces mesmerizing sea color. This pristine bay is tucked away between three islets — the two Krknjaši islands and Drvenik Island. Enjoy in this attractive place with brilliant turquoise water, everlasting sunshine and a sandy seabed, which will certainly fulfill all your dreams of a tropical paradise. Area surrounding the Blue Lagoon is a natural habitat of good dolphins and there is a chance that you will spot them on this tour. Keep your eyes open especially as we begin to approach the Blue Lagoon. We advise you to bring your camera, because this is the place from which you simply have to have memories like photos.

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After enjoying the Blue Lagoon, we will continue our cruise to island of Solta in Maslinica Bay. This is a great tourist destination for the lovers of the nature, unspoilt beaches and the crystal clear sea.

Maslinica is the only settlement and port on the west side of the island. The south side of the bay boasts a beautiful pine wood with secluded rocky beaches. In front of it lies an archipelago of seven islets (Polebrnjak, Saskinja, Stipanska, Kamik, Balkun, Rudula and Grmej), making Maslinica one of the most wonderful spots in the Adriatic. The beauty of the surrounding nature is in harmony with the historical, architectural and environmental values of the old castle and picturesque stone houses

In the end, we left the old town of Trogir as a strongest impression of this trip. Following a 30-minute cruise you;re set loose to explore the small medieval town independently. Set off to see the elegant bell tower and other attractions in the UNESCO-listed Old Town, most notably the Cathedral of St Lovro, a Venetian cathedral that is considered one of Croatia;s finest architectural works. This historic town is situated on a small island between the Croatian mainland and the island of Ciovo, separated from mainland by small canals. Every inch of Trogir Croatia is amazing. One of the most beautiful parts of the city is its waterfront stroll called ‘Riva;, which you should visit during the hot summer nights.

After such an exciting trip, we return to Split, where we started the adventure.

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