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Hvar Stari Grad & Milna

This trip will begin as usual from Split and go straight to the island of Hvar. We will first stop in the Stari Grad Hvar (eng. old town of Hvar).

This is one of the oldest cities in Europe and is also on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage. Stari Grad (Pharos) is the oldest town in Croatia. The same year - 384 B.C. greek philoshoper when Aristotle was born in Trakia, the greeks from the island of Paros in Agean sea have settled the town on the island of Hvar, and named it Pharos. Stari Grad Plain is in fact the cultural landscape shaped for millennia. Greek colonists have set its basic architecture 24 centuries ago: it is divided into rectangular parcels bordered by dry stone walls, and major roads that have passed through the Plain intersect it lengthwise and crosswise. The Plain is intersected also by bicycle and walking paths, and a bike ride or a walk will provide you with unforgettable pleasure especially during the harvesting, when the Plain is filled with vivid colors and scents of the young grapes. All the flavors of Stari Grad Plain can be experienced in authentic atmosphere in agrotourism situated at the very heart of the plain.

Because of its position in the middle of the Hvar island, for centuries Stari Grad was a safe harbour to sailors, which have been welcomed by town inhabitants on harbour promenade. Stari Grad bay is still regulary visited by most of the travellers on boats passing trough middle Dalmatia.

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The town is surrounded with pine tree forest and cooled with summer breeze (maestral). In the hot summer days it is one of the rare Dalmatian places where the air is fresh and the sleep refreshing. A thousand years long history of the Town has left many monuments in the urban structure of the Town.

Our next destination, where we take you is the small town Milna on the island of Brac. In some other tours we have already written about this place but we emphasize that this is a peaceful place, ideal for a quiet holiday.

Milna was founded in the 17th century and developed around the Cerinić kaštil fortress. This noble family from Nerežišća chose the Milna inlet to build their fort and a church. During this period the settlement of Milna grew around the church and in 1783 a new baroque parish church was built - Our Lady of Annunciation. Another unique example of cultural heritage are the remains of the Gothic church in the Osibova bay. An interesting fact about Milna, during the Napoleon wars, in 1820, the Russian fleet installed its naval base here.

Milna is naturally oriented toward the sea. It is known for its shipowners and sea captains whose vessels sailed all over the Mediterranean and faraway oceans. Mid 19th century Milna shipyards produced no less then 16 sailboats. The prototype of the famous Dalmatian-style boat bracera was built in Milna of all places. The name bracera (brah-tze-rah) comes from Brazza, the Italian name for Brač.

Milna is a well known tourist destination and a favorite sailing harbor. Besides its historical sights, natural beauty and irresistible charm of a typical Dalmatian small town, Milna wins anyone over with healthy Mediterranean cuisine full of fresh seafood, high-quality olive oil and locally made wine. Visitors can enjoy watersports, diving, sailing or fishing, while staying at a hotel, a villa or one of many apartments for rent. Anyone looking to explore the surroundings will be thrilled by the many hidden coves, in particular the Lučice bay, Bobovišće harbor and the nearby village of Ložišća. And lastly, one of the most characteristic things about Milna is the tiny island of Mrduja, located at the entrance to the harbor.

Rest of the time will be devoted to various activities, such as swimming and diving in many bays around. We suggest that you take cameras to make photos the beautiful surroundings and put them in your album of memories.

You are welcome.

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