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The BlueCay company and our team are very proud that we were an integral part of the famous Dutch production that filmed the reality show Expedition Robinson, which is their version of survivor.

Season 22 was filmed on Dugi Otok and partly on Kornati in Croatia. It was a real challenge for all of us as the filming lasted for 40 difficult days and was mostly filmed in extreme sea conditions. The production consisted of 140 people who were the complete logistics for filming, including cameramen, security, standby services, vehicle drivers as well as skippers for boats, etc... There were a total of 26 participants and all of them were well-known Dutch celebrities. Reality was shown in 33 serials on Dutch RTL4. I can freely add my opinion, which each of us from the production and who were behind the scenes would confirm that this was an extraordinary experience for a lifetime for all of us. I gave my best and used all my knowledge and experience to be able to successfully complete each task exactly according to the schedule as expected by the production.

On this occasion, I would like to thank the entire production, all the celebrity participants as well as all my colleagues for the trust given and the good company during the filming. Thank you all for the good memories.

Istvan Kudlik CEO & Skipper Senior

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