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Hvar & Paklinski Islands

Spend a day on another beautiful trip, where we will visit more islands of Brac, Hvar and Pakleni islands.

As usual, we will start from a Split, but this time, we go right on Brac Island in the beautiful city - Milna. Milna is located on the western part of the island Brac, 18 kilometers from Supetar. It is famous by its marvellous bay, in which the ships of the emperor Diokletian have found a secure harbour in the time of the building of his palace in Split.

The crystal clear sea, domestic healthy food, ideal condition for diving, sailing, fishing, and a fast connection to the land: a catamaran from Milna and a ferry from Supetar, an airplane from the 35 km far away Airport Brac, are the main means of the arrival of guests to Milna, which is built in a typically Mediterranean style with a baroque church finished in 1783 in which is the most beautiful altar pala on the island Brac. We continue to the island of Hvar in the town of Hvar.

We will explore the oldest tourist centre in Dalmatia: wander through the narrow kale (streets), stumble upon hidden cafés and restaurants beneath the city walls, visit the cathedral, museum and one of the oldest theatres in Europe (17th Century) or take a walk to the 16th Century fortress. In the early afternoon we get accross from Hvar to Palmižana Bay, one of the nearby Pakleni Islands, to enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters.

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Palmižana is a small settlement on Pakleni islands near island Hvar. Palmizana is a local name for island St. Clement which is a part of Pakleni islands archipelago stretching all the way to Hvar town on the island of Hvar.

Its many bays and hidden beaches has been a magnet for many travelers visiting Croatia and its hidden pearls located on the Adriatic sea. The first thing you will notice when we arrive in Palmizana is its rich plant life and green nature all around you.

Palmizana is one of the best places to experience and enjoy in the true Mediterranean cuisine. Fish and seashells that you order in the restaurant on Palmizana island are brought to your plate “right from the sea”. You can see local fishermen each day as they bring their daily catch to the restaurant chefs. The area of Pakleni islands archipelago is brimming with all kinds of fish so you are always presented with the fresh local fish usually caught on that same day.

We are expecting you on this wonderful trip.

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