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Brač - Supetar & Bol

This time, we're taking you to visit the beautiful island of Brač. By the way, we will visit Škrip to wine tasting, Supetar, Vidova Gora, Bol and the famous beach - Zlatni Rat (The Golden Point).

Supetar, the biggest settlement and ferry port on the island of Brač, is one of the major tourist centres in Dalmatia. It is situated in the northern part of the island in the Bay of Saint Peter, which gave the town its name. Supetar is the ideal destination for all those who wish to enjoy the rich heritage of the island and the continental part of Central Dalmatia, relaxing at the same time in the charms of an island town. Located around horseshoe shaped bay, Supetar charms with its gentle simplicity. Everything is within arms reach and everything is fit for a man: restaurants, shops, banks, post office, market place, cinema, library, galleries, health services, various sport facilities… Free concerts, theater shows, folklore nights and many other happenings that are being organised as a part of Supetar culture summer will make Your stay here even more interesting.

Bol is a town on the Croatian island of Brač, off the coast of Split. Its seafront promenade leads to the long Zlatni Rat beach. To the west, the Dragon's Cave contains a 15th-century chapel with carved wall details.

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It is located just under the mountain Vidova gora, the highest peak of Dalmatian islands, and it is famous for the most attractive Adriatic beach - Zlatni rat or The Golden Point.

With its numerous cultural and historical sights, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. The scenery, the mild and pleasant climate and the crystal clear sea make Bol a perfect holiday destination throughout the year. Beautiful beaches of the island attract tourists from all over the world and Zlatni rat stands for the most beautiful and has become a symbol of the island. The beach was formed by waves washing golden pebbles on top of an underwater reef and extending to 500 meters into the sea. Due to winds, waves and sea currents the tip of the beach changes its shape making the beach always interesting and different. Besides its stunning scenery, Bol offers its guests rich cultural and historical heritage starting with a Dominican monastery and its rich archaeological collection, numerous Baroque summer mansions, a parish church, but also rustic plebeian stone houses surrounding “pjacete” (tiny squares typical for Dalmatia). Also, Bol offers many sports and recreational activities such as cycling, scuba diving or windsurfing. An imperative when it comes to Bol is experiencing its Dalmatian cuisine. The restaurants and inns of Brač are known for their fish specialities served with the famous Brač wines.

A must visit on Island of Brac - Vidova Gora ( Vidova mountain), the highest mountain of all Adriatic islands (778 m above the sea level). Vidova gora is not only a peak with its beautiful view - in 2009 the Educational Track „Vidova Gora“ was renovated and opened to guide walkers and mountain bikers through the most atractive parts of the road and educate them about the unique destination - Landscape protected by law. Vidova gora is covered by Dalmatian black pine (Pinus nigra). Mount Vidova gora has preserved its indigenous appearance and untouched nature, and around it the local inhabitants still engage in cattle-breeding in an old-fashioned way. That contributes to nature preservation and gives a special charm to the idyllic atmosphere of this timeless oasis of peace and bird's song. It was named after the small church of St. Vid, which stand at the top of the hill.

The church was built in the 13th or 14 century. About Vidova gora were knitted a number of fantastic stories, mostly of Slavic origin. Long before the arrival of the Slavs to the Adriatic, at Vidova Gora the Illyrian people have had forts. The remains of these walls may still be seen at some places.

We expect you to join us in this beautiful day trip. You are welcome.

This day trip starts from Split. For more info and options you can call us on the phone or through the mail form on the site.

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