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Omiš & Cetina Canyon

An easy day trip from Split, Omiš is a pleasant seaside town with a colorful open-air market and a conglomeration of old stone houses backed by a small hilltop fortress.

The town of Omis is settled in centre of southern Croatian region of Dalmatia.

It is right at the place where the river Cetina enters Adriatic Sea, just over twenty kilometres from Split.

Omis is also the centre of mini-riviera that spreads at some 30 kilometres and includes villages and settlements like Jesenice, Dug Rat, Duce, Stanici, Celina, Lokva Rogoznica, Mimice, Medici, Marusici and Pisak.

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What makes it special is its location at the mouth of a dramatic gorge, where the Cetina River meets the sea.

The Cetina River carves a spectacular gorge with the fertile, green Cetina Valley at the bottom, surrounded by sheer limestone cliffs. This beautiful river comes out of 5 strong wells at 380 m above the sea, under two mountains, Dinara (1831 m) and Gnjat (1801 m), few km northern from town Vrlika, from where it flows south-east through the fields of Sinj, town Trilj to Zadvarje, where it turns west to Omiš where it joins the Adriatic Sea. With its 100 km Cetina is the longest river in Dalmatia, and the waterfall Gubavica (48 m) underneath Zadvarje is one of the biggest in Croatia.

During the summer through this river flows 4-6 m3/sec, which is caused by accumulation and redirection of water through tunnels into energetic purposes, but during the rain season and snow melting the flow through is drastically growing.

As the river tumbles its way down toward the sea over a series of rapids, it has become a popular and challenging site for rafting and rock climbing. An asphalt road follows the course of the river upstream from Omiš, leading to a couple of pleasant waterside restaurants.

Come with us and discover the pirate town of Omiš and the wild river Cetina in little day trip.

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